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2nd Principle of Success - Health

Why Hello, hello.

Welcome back for principle number 2 - Health!

As with last session - not gonna give a definition cause this means something different to everyone.

My favourite way of recognising someone is healthy is they have a loving relationship with their mind body and soul.

They radiate something that you want to bottle and drink to top yourself up everyday.

Health is looking in the mirror and saying " Damn I look good", being a conqueror in your mind " Not today negativitiy" and a Calmness in the Soul " I'm exactly where I need to be and I open myself to the Universe and trust in the unfolding of my life" (Boho Beautiful Yoga)

Health is nourishing your mind body and soul daily with what you need to feel confident, calm, collected and being the best version of yourself.

Along with Happiness, Healthy people have energy and a skip in their step, excuses don't really get space to invade a healthy person's life.

So firstly congratulate yourself on what you do well. So, often people focus on all the bad stuff that needs to change, but let's flip it first what are you doing well, puff yourself up, then question what needs to change to help make you be able to puff yourself up even more.

If you need help with this, feel free to reach out and happy to help give you guidance and direction to get the ball rolling on becoming the best version of yourself today!

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