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3rd Principle Success - Joy

Welcome back,

To part 3 of the principles of success - all about Joy. Now when Covid started last year, I had watched on Netflix - The Magic Art of Tidying with Marie Kondo, as well reading her book with the same title. What I love about Marie and her approach is about having your possessions spark Joy, and the beauty of decluttering and only having things in your house that spark Joy, that they have a reason, meaning and purpose for being in your home.

I discovered The Home Edit on Netflix also read the book same title. What I love about that approach is that you take one space in your house and you completely clear it out and have a blank canvas and everything laying out on the floor so you can clearly see what you are working with, and making a conscious decision making that space serve its true intentional purpose and only having things in that room that are aligned with that purpose.

Marie also had a mini Netflix series where she went into client's work spaces which was very interesting, such as a Gardener's Nursery, bespoke Cafe and Office space, wardrobe, sparking joy in your work place and allowing your work place to serve you, your employees and your customers and your work space would have a better and cleaner energy.

I definitely get inspired and have my moments of decluttering and it is a work in progress for me.

Joy is about having the things in your life that light up and is an extension of happiness, making a big deal out of little things in life.

Starting my foray in Lawn Bowls was a great achievement and accomplishment - having a sport and a team and a club is a great joy for me.

So I want you to consider do you take the time to make a joy a daily part of your life, is this a habit you need to brush up on or a new principle you need to develop?

Once Joy is a focus and intention for you day I am sure magic will flow and great things will start manifesting into life.

Get started sparking Joy in your life today

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