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Everything is Figureoutable - by Marie Leo - The Tropicana Orange

Hello everyone,

November 2020 I attended a Facebook challenge with Eric Worre where I was introduced to Marie Forleo and her new book. Everything is Figureoutable a book that has changed my world and the way I approach my life.

Marie's mum is a handy dandy do it yourselfer and throughout Maries' childhood she would come home to her mum tinkering around the house and could always find her mum in the house hearing her mum's tropicana orange radio playing music.

One day Marie asked her mum how she is able to do all these things around the house with no one showing her how to which her mum said

"Ree, everything is figureoutable" which created the inspiration for this book and the trajectory of Maries' life.

So go to your local bookstore or order online and start reading and implement her principles into your life.

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