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Getting to Know Me

Hello and Welcome,

My name is Amie and I am so excited for you to be here and enjoying this space as your hangout spot. So, who am I? I'm originally from NSW, I have lived in WA and VIC. I've been a checkout operator, deli girl, nightfill girl, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physiotherapy Assistant. I have a fiancee whom I'm completely in love with and we have two beautiful cats.

I love Netflix and Disney+ obsessed with Christmas and Documentaries especially around earth, space and aliens.

Cooking is something I enjoy and cooking shows and cooking competitions are my television that I watch.

I've been a Health and Wellbeing Coach for almost 3 years and love working on manifesting dreams into reality, creating habits and a routine that serve you and help you live your best life.

I've travelled to Thailand, Vanuatu and New Caledonia on cruise ships 4 times. I've snorkelled along the great barrier reef. I've fed an elephant, I've patted a rhino.

I have 9 tattoos mostly on my back and mostly small to middle size ones.

I love watching the tennis and have been to the Australian Open outdoor courts twice.

I love the National Gallery of Victoria and Dali's exhibit was one of my favourites.

Seeing the visiting exhibits at the Melbourne Museum has been incredible.

When people hear me speak they think I am American or Canadian no one ever guesses Australian.

and that's just a little about me.

What about you? What mix of things do most people not know about you?

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