About me

Hi everyone, my name is Amie. I am your Empowerment Coach. Having embarked on a complete transformation of my mind, body and soul and what I have learnt I am sharing now with you to create the kickass life and live your dream life as your reality


Amie Kelly

Empowerment Coach

Let's work together to transform your emotional, mental, physical, psychological and financial wellbeing for the better.

Outdoor Fitness Class

Fitness Bio

As a Personal Trainer I use the Insanity workout system to do High Intensity Interval Training workouts 6 days of the week. I work via zoom calls and face to face to resculpt your body to be a fit, lean gorgeous machine


Beauty Bio

As a Beauty therapist I will work alongside you to create your Morning and Evening Skin care routine using Body Shop at Home products and what you already use and have access to. You will also get access to make up tutorials and tips