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Empowered Transformation

Here you will discover the toolkit to start living your best life

Hello and Welcome to Your Best Life.
You have wants, needs dreams and desires. Now its time to take those things and make your dream life your real life. Being involved with Empowered with Amie you will learn about the power of gratitude and manifest your dreams into reality. Are you ready for the kickass life?

Partnership hands


As a member of Empowered With Amie, you will be held by the hand every step of your journey.


Starting with our one on one zoom call right through our  90 day program and all the way through to our one year program

We work together and along your journey you will decide when you are ready to take the reins and allow me to step back and be your cheerleader

Looking into an empowered future

90 Days together

Your transformation starts with mapping out the next 3 months of your life. Together we rewrite your story and start to build your new life manifesting your dream life into reality.


From Day one you will be guided every step of the way with what to expect Day one right through to Day 90!

Living your best life

One Year Step into Success

Can you focus on yourself for 12 months to become the best version of yourself?

Are you ready to be happy, healthy, fit, active, joyful, content and fulfilled.

Let's work on your goals, dreams aspirations and put the steps into practice to get closer to living your best life starting today!

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