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1st Principle of Success - Happiness

Welcome back from last week.

I hope you are well :)

So I have ten principles of success and today we start with the 1st which for me is Happiness.

Now, I will not give a definition of Happiness because that is really up to you. City life/ Country, Spicy Food/Mild Food, Beach/Bush, Day trips/ night adventures, Camping/Glamping - this list is endless.

Happiness is the things that light you up, the comedy that makes you piss yourself laughing and make you feel like you've done an ab workout. Your favourite smells, clothes, shoes, jewelry, the people you spend your time with, again this list is endless.

Now my question to you is - Are you truly happy? Do you make time for the things that light you up, or is all about everyone else?

When we are happy our energy shifts, it rotates the world around us, it draws good stuff to us and repels bad stuff away from us.

When we are happy we are inspired and inspiring. We are having fun, we are truly enjoying the moment. Look at Kyrigios when he plays - his nickname is the showman, because you get drawn in, you get involved and you are part of the game and it makes you enjoy what you're watching even more cause you can see what a kick he is getting out of involving you.

When you are happy, you have more energy, you have a skip in your step, you react faster, your respond quicker, you have swagger and your day flows easily.

So what makes you happy and what needs to change in your life to ensure you are lit up everyday, you are in your element everyday. Who needs to be pulled in, who needs to be pushed put, what habits need to come in, what habits need to move on?

Once you have implemented happiness as a core principle, everyday is full of happiness non-negotiable - see your life change on a monumental scale.

Until we meet again

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