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4th Principle of Success - Contentment

Welcome back,

Our 4th Principle is a song my Uncle wrote about his love for my Aunty, and is an important principle not everyone chases after or achieves and that is a life of content :) not social media content, but comfort that you are living your best life.

So, what is contentment, what does it look like? How does it feel?

It's going to be different for everyone, but the core aspects is - you feel like you are where you are meant to be, who you are meant to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing with you life.

This could mean you move towns, change jobs, enter or exit a relationship, change careers, go to school, leave school, change schools, change majors. Whatever it is that needs to change for your life to start feeling like you are in alignment, those changes need to happen.

They will be scaring and intimidating but living a full and well-loved life on your terms is worth the attached risks.

Start today like Jack says in Titanic - Make each Day Count.

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